Quick steps to activate aptX on your smartphone

Advances in Smartphone technology have moved us from wired media over the years to digital in several respects. Audio is one of the main aspects of this. It all started with smartphones that gave users room to listen to music, take calls, etc. But the market for slim body calls has now drops manufacturers from smartphones to remove the 3.5 mm headphone jack. Everything started with Apple, followed by numerous manufacturers of Android devices.

However, consumers complain that the wireless medium does not have the same audio quality as they used to get on the wired headset. So, what is the problem, exactly?! This is the prerequisite of an AptX HD audio codec. Not all Android producers have this codec for their smartphones. This function comes with only small yet high-end devices. In this guide, we will tell you quick steps to activate aptX on a smartphone.

Is aptX now worth it?

In one word: maybe. SBC was not the issue of consistency in Bluetooth’s early days. It is on par with other loss codecs, rightly done. Maybe aptX will give you a stronger guarantee that the transmission is not the weakest link within your audio chain, but it does far more than seeing the aptX logo and hoping that the system will sound fantastic. Some devices, for example, play codec directly from the source. So if you have AAC files on your computer, and you support your headphones — and most of the Apple hardware does — you can hear them without an SBC conversion, so aptX is not necessary.

audio codec

Remember even, and even more critically, what you say. AptX HD looks fantastic on paper, with a large sample and bit rate. However, this additional capacity is not essential unless you have a high-quality source. A better transmission will not boost your audio if it is not limited by a lesser transmission type. In other words, if you listen to an inexpensive audio stream on cheap headphones, switching and activating aptX on a smartphone would not be your magic option.

As previously mentioned, your system must be updated with TWRP. This is the way to mount third-party mods on an Android smartphone. You will need the mod itself, which is connected in the download section below. You can check the TWRP installation guide on our website yourself, depending on your Android device. You must also obey a few guidelines which are needed to make any changes to our smartphone.

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