How can I secretly record audio in my room?

Did you ever secretly try to record voice or audio without opening the sound recorder software in front of others?

If you want to catch a blackmailer or someone who wants to intimidate you or someone who asks you for a bribe, you can do it easily with the use of a Google Play Store voice recording app.

As the name suggests, the app helps you with the ways to secretly record audio in a room around you without opening the app.

How? Well, it is pretty quick — you just have to tap the power button three times in 2 seconds to start sound recording automatically. And assume. What? The audio is also high quality recorded.

The first time you need not unlock the phone, open the app and then tap the record button to start recording, you just need to click the power button three times to start recording, even though you can do so using the conventional way. Your decision absolutely.

How to secretly record conversation

Install the hidden voice recorder software to record sound secretly on your Android computer. Now, if you need to secretly record audio, just press the power button three times in 2 seconds to start recording.

Bear in mind, however, that any time you push the power button, after each power button, the mobile screen can turn on or off. To stop recording, press 3 times the power button again.

secretly record conversation

You can change the default 2 second time interval if it is too fast or if it reaches the camera option in some devices by double tap. To do so, open the app and tap the top-right vertical dots, followed by Settings. Select the “interval” button and select the time from available options according to your wishes.

You can also use the volume buttons to start recording, even though for whatever reason you do not like the power button. But to do this, you must first turn on the mobile screen and click both volume buttons together. To do this, go to “Config” app and turn on “Button volume mode.”

In addition, you can select between mono and stereo in the application to adjust the recording style. More importantly, all recordings are automatically uploaded to your Google-linked drive. To do so, go to the software settings, scroll down and turn Google Drive on. All your recordings are stored in the Google Drive Hidden Voice Recorder folder.

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